Mobility Monitoring & Analysis

Clear your path towards efficient traffic management

Your traffic management can only truly have an impact if it is built on a clear and complete road overview. The evolution of traffic must be studied from a historical perspective and thus serve as a strong basis for traffic modeling and simulation. Measure to understand.

The Be-Mobile Big Data platform provides you with the most complete and comprehensive traffic flow overview for real-time monitoring and historical analysis. It collects and collates data from

million connected vehicles

which is filtered, edited, aggregated and fused with many other data sources and stored to form an unprecedented traffic intelligence.

Rely on Be-Mobile to:

  • Improve your view on the current traffic situation
  • Increase the number of monitored roads
  • Reduce operational costs.

Customer case

The Center for Information on the Media asked Be-Mobile to see the reach of publicity panels of the Out-Of-Home communication study.

Press release: Belgian billboard sector uses Be-Mobile data

Be-Mobile provides mobility monitoring & analysis through

A user-friendly and map-based tool for real-time monitoring to:

  • Enter, modify and delete traffic incidents (accidents, roadworks …) including type, duration, location and lane information
  • Check detailed traffic information including absolute and relative speeds, traffic coverage, traffic incidents layers, travel time, delays …
  • Make Time Distance (T-X) Diagrams, showing the evolution of traffic flows over time on detailed route segments
  • Detect Automatic Incident based on sudden and unusual traffic formation.

A user-friendly and map-based tool for historical monitoring and analysis to:

  • Check travel time evolution over a period of days on pre-defined routes
  • Analyze traffic movement and patterns on and around road junctions and intersections
  • Count the number of cars, bicycles or other transport means passing a specific location
  • Make Historical Time Distance (T-X) Diagrams, showing the evolution of traffic flows over time on detailed route segments over a pre-defined period
  • Analyze the accessibility to see how far people can travel in 15, 30 or 45 minutes on a typical day (e.g. Monday at 8 am) by car or using multi-modal transport
  • Map the starting point and destination of travelers
  • Analyze the density of traffic to calculate how many vehicles have passed a certain location at a certain time
  • Provide parking analytics on parking timer and payment tracking, on-street and off-street parking availability and time-to-travel to parking.

The data can be:

  • Static (e.g. in case of the time of opening of a parking area)
  • Semi-dynamic (e.g. during festivals)
  • Dynamic in case of crowd sourced information.

Be-Mobile also offers analytics on demand. If you have a specific mobility analytics request which is not listed above, feel free to contact us.

More info on mobility monitoring & analysis? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

Nicolas Talpe
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Quality is prime for Be-Mobile

The algorithms used to offer the traffic management from connected vehicles sensors are made by high skilled PHD’s, based on in-depth local information and of course, with a high level of servicing such as Project Management & Service Management.