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Urbanization causes city traffic to become increasingly dense. It is crucial for you as a public authority to keep mobility safe and under control by leveraging on the available infrastructure and road capacities, yet providing your commuters road users with the most efficient means of travel.

Be-Mobile traffic management solutions help you to guide the traffic flows by bringing traffic control messages and information both on dynamic road signs and online. Providing solutions to manage traffic issues by optimizing infrastructure usage, time to travel and modelizing mobility alternatives.

To obtain a real mobility impact, it’s all about usability, following 74% is usability the most important criterion for the success of a mobility service. The traffic management tools must be actionable for local authorities and the translation to the road user should be limpid.

This is how Be-Mobile assists you controlling inner and outer city mobility and parking usage, for a traffic management made simple.

Rely on Be-Mobile to:

  • Keep your city accessible
  • Provide a better quality of life & work environment
  • Efficiently manage parking zones.

Customer case

Be-Mobile uses real-time and in-depth traffic information to chart your city’s traffic flows and assist you in monitoring and controlling inner and outer city mobility and parking availability such as Shop&Go in Kortrijk.

Watch Shop&Go Kortrijk

Be-Mobile provides traffic management solutions through

The turnkey Be-Mobile mobility management tool offers an accurate cloud based traffic center for dynamic routing advices based on the Be-Mobile versatile and in-depth mobility data. FLOWcontrol can be set up in a matter of hours to trigger traffic optimization scenarios by informing travelers through:

  • Informing on road events: road works, large public events, speed advice, tail of traffic jam, travel time, …
  • Informing on alternative routes or mode of transport and incentives
  • Informing on parkings: parking timer, payment tracking, on-street and off-street parking availability, guidance, time-to-travel, … Eg. Shop&Go is a FLOWcontrol option based on sensors to allow a maximum parking timing to ease the short-term parking in city centers.

Watch Shop&Go Oostende

FLOWcontrol allows traffic communication on respectively fixed and mobile infrastructures to influence the traveler with:

  • On street with Variable Messages Sign (VMS) or trailer-mounted displays
  • Intelligent parking guidance system
  • In-car through in the car app store or infrastructure to vehicle (I2V)
  • Online on a website or in an app eg. Brussels Airport app
  • Traffic centers.

C-ITS platform enables connected vehicles (V) to communicate with each other and the road infrastructure (I) via mobile network, optimizing road management without increasing the costs. The Dutch ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu trusted Be-Mobile to be part of the Partnership Talking Traffic to implement C-ITS in Nederland.  A Cooperative – Intelligent Transport System allows communication with road nodes disseminating information to all other nodes in a specific geographical area:

  • I2V: personalized and location based traffic control messages into the dashboard
  • V2I: connected cars inform traffic lights and VMS signs
  • V2V: connected cars warn each other.

There are multiple use cases such as:

  • Green waves
  • Emergency vehicles approaching
  • Emergency electronic brake light
  • Traffic jam ahead warning
  • Road works warning
  • In-vehicle speed limit
  • Green light optimal speed advisory / time to green.

More info on traffic management? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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Quality is prime for Be-Mobile

The algorithms used to offer the traffic management from connected vehicles sensors are made by high skills PHD’s, based on in-depth local information and of course, with a high level of servicing such as Project Management & Service Management.