Traveler Information

Stress-free commuting as a service

Studies have shown that 21% of travelers experience stress while commuting from home to work. If the duration of the journey is unpredictable, this rises to 61% for car drivers and 45% for people who use public transport.

Up-to-date traffic information is key to reduce stress in traffic and make commuting as comfortable as possible for everyone on the road. Are you active in the automotive industry? Are you a mobility app developer? Or news platform? Then you are one of the traveler’s three main sources for traffic information, and you should strive to provide the most accurate traffic information possible.

That’s what Be-Mobile helps deliver. Relying on algorithms developed by our high-skilled PHD’s, Be-Mobile collects traffic information in real-time through floating car data, road sensors, crowdsourcing and other sources such as tolling booths and public transport. By filtering and blending these data in the most extensive and in-depth traffic information database, Be-Mobile helps companies such as Volvo, RTL and Flitsmeister to:

  • Gain an advantage over the competition by providing the best services
  • Inform customers and users through accurate travel and traffic information
  • Provide stress-free commuting as a service
  • Take control over mobility by creating a big community of active travelers.

Be-Mobile provides traveler information through:

An in-car navigation solution for 100% uptime and flawless user experience broadcasted on:

  • BE-DAB-TPEG: Delivering impressive quantities of rich information, this is quite simply the premium broadcast service that offers the best value for money: BE-DAB-TPEG is available for life, with no limitations on usage.
  • BE-CONNECT: Undoubtedly Be-Mobile’s most flexible service. BE-CONNECT delivers personalized traffic flow and event data, public transport and parking information, transmitting over mobile internet connection in TPEG or XML format.
  • BE-RDS-TMC: Currently accessible by 420 million Europeans across 19 countries, BE-RDS-TMC is an easy-to-implement technology, providing the broadest coverage to deliver a complete traffic service to on-board and personal navigation systems.

An application development toolkit for drivers or multimodal mobility apps including:

  • Access to live and historical traffic and other mobility content
  • Mapping engines
  • Route plan services

Differentiate by informing your audience with accurate traffic information through different media:

  • Traffic studio for radio solution to create and present traffic bulletins such as VRT
  • Traffic platform for TV to bring live animated 3D traffic bulletins
  • Traffic studio for the web solution to stream live traffic
  • Traffic studio for outdoor screens solution to stream breaking news traffic bulletins and allow advertisement.

More info on travel information? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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